Monday, 2 December 2013

Railways PNR Status Checking Facilities

One of the busiest railway tracks of the world, Indian Railway caters services to more than 24 million passengers daily.  According to sources, in a year, more than 9000 million passengers use railway facilities and almost 18000 million tickets are booked by railway reservation systems. 
With the popularization of internet in India, ticket booking facility was also made online through IRCTC website.  In case of unreserved tickets, one needs to check current reservation status of his tickets. For this railway has offered various options like online websites, by mobile SMS, Smartphone apps etc.
There are other useful third party websites like which provide railway PNR status.  Actually there are huge number of third party PNR websites if you simply Google them around.  
Various Smartphone apps have been developed to help you know your current ticket status.  You just need to check your supporting app store. For example if you are android phone user you just need to go to and search apps category with the keyword ‘PNR Status’. You are going to get tons of free apps that you can download. If you are windows phone user you need to go to to find your supported PNR app.

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